company-cofounder-contributor network

Our Values

Fairness and Openness
Cofounders and contributors should co-share in the rewards of the company's success in an open, fair, and transparent manner.
Community Participation
The strength of any company is based on the people that will support it. And the strength of that community is based on their connectedness to each other and to a shared vision and purpose. Enable a rich, connected, networked community as a core foundational element of your success.
Integrity and Trust
Everyone should do the right thing. Consistency and honesty builds trust. CoNet will follow the same high standards that we ask from the companies and contributors that use our services.
Details matter. Find the best people, processes, technology, and structures you can. Take pride and ownership in creating the best companies, products, and services possible.
Empathy and Delight
Get to know your customers, your partners, the people you work with, and the people you rely on. Make a positive difference in their lives.
Curiosity and Learning
Be willing to observe, listen, learn, adapt, and improve.
Challenge and Innovation
Be willing to challenge the status quo, be creative, and evangelize, especially if it will make a positive difference in the world.
Data Driven Decisions
Use a scientific approach to decision-making. Experiment, gather data, build insights, decide rationally, and iterate.