company-cofounder-contributor network

About Us - What We Do

CoNet bridges two customer sets:

Early stage companies with one or more cofounders

Contributors that are willing to work for long-term rewards, which we call "pie"

What is "Pie"?

"Pie" can be a stake in any sort of reward systems, including:

Equity, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Options, Warrants, or Bonds
Promises of Equity
Keep track of points so that one day, it can be shared
Revenue Sharing or Profit Sharing

What does CoNet provide?

CoNet provides a social network where companies and contributors can discover each other and build connections.

CoNet enables companies to offer tasks to contributors, orchestrates the task fulfillment workflow, and acts as an escrow for the exchange of "pie" for work.

CoNet calculates your dynamic position as the total value of your contributions divided by the total of everyone's contributions. This calculation applies equally for cofounders and for contributors.

CoNet enables contributors to build a diversified portfolio of "pie" holdings, which lowers their risks and may help them see rewards sooner or more frequently.